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About the job

Dreaming big is in our DNA. It’s who we are as a company. It’s our culture. It’s our heritage. And more than ever, it’s our future. A future where we’re always looking forward. Always serving up new ways to meet life’s moments. A future where we keep dreaming bigger. We look for people with passion, talent, and curiosity, and provide them with the teammates, resources and opportunities to unleash their full potential. The power we create together – when we combine your strengths with ours – is unstoppable. Are you ready to join a team that dreams as big as you do? The key purpose of this role is to take the Strategic lead for the Engineering and Utilities functions in the Brewery. This includes the operational management of Environmental plant and equipment. To lead related Strategic Initiatives in the Brewery, ensuring Corporate Governance for equipment and system integrity through the application and adherence to relevant Standards and Legislation.

Key outputs and responsibilities:

  • Maintain safe healthy and risk free working environment
  • Ensure safety, healthy & environmental legislation compliance
  • Maintain safety and housekeeping standards Manage Human Resources
  • Develop employees based on identified needs through OPR sessions
  • Ensure a healthy industrial relations climate
  • Manage technical pipeline for key roles
  • Manage apprenticeship and artisan development for site Ensure manufacturing systems and instrumentation integrity
  • Maintain system integrity and change control
  • Maintain and calibrate site instrumentation Ensure engineering standards compliance
  • Ensure application documented standards
  • Develop and update engineering standards through ZBS Maintenance and Energy & Fluids
  • Leads the maintenance strategy as per VPO -Maintenance Pillar
  • Optimise use of planned maintenance system
  • Apply formal failure analysis process
  • Apply relevant engineering spares strategy
  • Implement VPO and associated GOP’s
  • Manage progress according to glide paths set and agreed
  • Implement E&F tool kit and sustain derived improvements Manage all site projects
  • Project completion on time and in budget
  • Ensure compliance to MOC Manage financial performance
  • Manage ZBB Maintenance and CAPEX budgeting process
  • Control departmental costs
  • Review financial results
  • Manage the utilities usages
  • Ensure accurate reporting and quick action taken for any deviations Manage identified VA & SWEEP Initiatives
  • Source funds to implement VA initiatives
  • Monitor for result improvements
  • Implement E&F Global processes and best practices (GOPs, SWEEP, Levers etc.)
  • Business Continuity & Risk Management
  • Develop and standardize system Utilities availability BCP plans for plant
  • Develops and implements approaches to mitigate obsolescence
  • Ensure sharing of best practices for Utilities management
  • Monitors Utilities quality parameters (IQMS)
  • Implements Ammonia and Steam Process Safety Management programs Manage Safety, Upholding (UPP) and Cost CAPEX portfolios
  • Ensure a 3 year plan exists for: – Maintenance and replacement of Plant Equipment across Sites – Maintenance and replacement of C&A infrastructure due to obsolescence Manage the operational requirements of the brewery Environmental function
  • Ensure that environmental plant and equipment is operated and maintained as per best practice guidelines
  • Ensure revenue streams from waste and by-products are optimised

Minimum Requirements

  • 3 year appropriate tertiary qualification, i.e. B-Tech: Mechanical or Electrical, BSc. Mechanical or Electrical
  • Minimum 7 years’ experience in a FMCG environment

BAND : VAB InBev is an equal opportunity employer, and all appointments will be made in- line with AB InBev employment equity plan and talent requirements. We are a company that promotes gender equality. Internal applicants require Line manager approval. Please note that only short-listed applicants will be contacted.


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